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In order to get your business up and running in double quick time, our base business operations are feature rich and comprehensive. aims to break down the traditional barriers to entry (cost and time) for SMEs in order to introduce sound procedures and operating principles from day-one. features: cloud based business management

Contact Management

  • Manage contacts for staff, customers, vendors
  • Phone numbers (international), email and physical addresses, social links
  • Create individual contacts within organisations
  • Manage all of your interactions and set follow-up reminders
  • Attach important documents and files

  • cloud based business management

    Staff Admin and HR

  • Capture staff information such as address, next of kin, SSN/NI numbers, remuneration, etc
  • Attach important documents such as contracts, certificates and official letters
  • Manage yearly appraisals for targets and performance
  • Capture and track relevant skills and associated details, certificates
  • Manage all of your interactions and set follow-up reminders

  • cloud based business management

    Company Customise

  • Customise numerous portal details and processes to suit your needs
  • Add your teams/departments, work locations and offices
  • Define your specific sales pipeline
  • Add profile pictures and a company logo
  • Set granular security for each and every user

  • cloud based business management

    Private Social Media

  • Share rumours, ideas and events to gain a competitive edge
  • Capitalise on your internal knowledge base by capturing and sharing in real-time
  • Share updates with your whole company or restrict to specific teams
  • Add pictures, videos, web-links or documents
  • Introduce the element of fun by announcing events or posting corporate social news

  • cloud based business management

    Visitor and Appointment Management

  • Manage your appointments and walk-in visitors in a professional manner
  • Capture vital details to allow staff to fully prepare
  • Keep guests informed and relaxed by displaying the appointment queue
  • Introduce a hi-tech welcome to project a progressive image
  • Quickly convert appointments to leads

  • cloud based business management

    Meeting Room Management

  • Add and manage all of your meeting rooms
  • Add relevant details to help make the correct choice of room
  • Search availability and book the best slot available
  • Manage and book from any device, from anywhere
  • Add any number of rooms at your work locations

  • cloud based business management

    Todo List Management

  • Stay on top of things with a dynamic todo list
  • Available directly on your dashboard
  • Receive automated email reminders of deadlines
  • Set target date, urgency and percentage complete
  • Available on any device, anywhere

  • cloud based business management


  • Add a sticky note that persists across devices
  • Make a note before leaving the office, open it later on your mobile device
  • Make sure your imporant scribbles are always available
  • Available on any device, anywhere
  • Access from your dasboard

  • cloud based business management

    World Clocks

  • Set 4 World Clocks to appear on your dashboard
  • Create a clock to correspond to your company regions
  • Select from any timezone and create a label (NY Office, London HQ)
  • Connect with remote colleagues at a suitable time
  • Available on any device, anywhere

  • cloud based business management


  • Capture leads in numerous currencies
  • Set a base currency for your company
  • All sales leads are automatically converted to your base rate in forecasts
  • Quick view for target vs revenue
  • Manage a single monthly subscription

  • cloud based business management

    Individual Timezones

  • Set individual timezones for staff members
  • All portal content is automatically converted to relevant TZ
  • All entries are captured in UTC and displayed according to user TZ settings
  • Automatically accounts for daylight savings
  • Perfect for companies with global presence

  • cloud based business management

    Customisable dashboard

  • Each portal user has their own customizable dashbaord
  • Add or remove the conetent that suits you
  • Monitor work and queues at a glance
  • Drap-and-drop the order of the content
  • Set an automatic refresh rate

  • cloud based business management


    There is no better time to push your business into the future with services!
    Get in touch so we can get you started! cloud based business management


    Open a demo portal and operate as an ADMIN user in - work with contacts, leads, vendors, projects, service tickets and more.

    • Customise numerous details to suit your business.

    • Define your sales process.

    • Responsive design. cloud based business management
    • Work remotely or in the office.

    • Customise your dashboard.

    • Take your work with you and transfer seemlessly between devices. cloud based business management
    • Safari, Chrome and IE compatible^.

    • Access information when you need it.

    • Define security access on a per user basis. cloud based business management
    • Work with freedom.

    • Work efficiently and with resilience.

    • Adopt and customise it! cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management

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