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Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is undoubtedly the future of how companies will handle their IT requirements. SaaS solutions typically offer significant cost savings compared to traditional software products but can result in a one-size-fits-all platform. aims to bridge the gap by offering numerous configurable details that are used to propagate information and automate processes throughout the portal.

On a personal level, your portal allows you to configure your dashboard content and layout to make your experience more personal.

From a business perspective, you can configure your branding, sales process, sales divisions, sales targets, teams, locations, meeting rooms, currency, fiscal year start, invoice and quote details, individual security access more.

In terms of security, you can allow or deny access at every level of the portal - almost every action is configurable on a per user basis. This allows you to configure access to suit your exact needs.

Benefit from cloud services, customise important elements. Work simply and effectively with cloud based business management


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  • Customise numerous portal details and processes to suit your needs.

  • Define a specific sales pipeline process.

  • Add profile pictures and a company logo.

  • Set granular security for each and every user.

  • Customise your personal dashboard.

  • Create sales divisions and set targets per division.

  • Define your business locations, meeting rooms and teams.

  • Assign roles for approvals.

  • Setup timesheets days or hours.

  • Adopt and configure it to fit your needs. cloud based business management


Open a demo portal and operate as an ADMIN user in - work with contacts, leads, vendors, projects, service tickets and more.


  • Customise numerous details to suit your business.

  • Define your sales process.

  • Responsive design. cloud based business management
  • Work remotely or in the office.

  • Customise your dashboard.

  • Take your work with you and transfer seemlessly between devices. cloud based business management
  • Safari, Chrome and IE compatible^.

  • Access information when you need it.

  • Define security access on a per user basis. cloud based business management
  • Work with freedom.

  • Work efficiently and with resilience.

  • Adopt and customise it! cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management

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*mobile only ^Chrome 55, Safari v9, IE10 and above cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management