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.SALES provides a platform whereby you can quickly capture new leads and nurture those leads to help ensure a successful outcome. You’ll be able to capture details such as contacts, social media links, locations, products of interest, estimated revenues and estimated closing dates.

Most importantly, once a lead is captured, you’ll be able monitor, log and categorise all of your interactions to build a solid and profitable relationship. Not only does this help to understand your potential customers’ needs, but it also works to eliminate over-reliance on specific members of sales staff.

Set a follow-up schedule to ensure that potential customers are receiving the attention they require and receive automated emails as a reminder to take action.

Over time, you’ll be able to build a picture showing which of your sales techniques work best. You’ll also be able to quickly identify which of your sales staff are performing well and, perhaps share the pattern of more successful members to help ensure that everyone performs well. allows you to customise your sales process by setting out your step-by-step and percentage based pipeline that your sales personnel can follow. also allows you to create sales divisions, assign staff to divisions and set division specific sales targets. Your pipeline views will show at a glance, how much revenue you can expect on a month-by-month basis, percentage of target sales achieved and which of your prospective deals are most valuable.

Take control of sales. Build relationships and nurture leads. Motivate your sales staff and win more sales with cloud based business management


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.SALES features:

  • Capture new leads and nurture them for better results.

  • Phone numbers (international), email addresses, location, social links.

  • Assign leads to sales representatives for easy management.

  • Manage all of your sales interactions.

  • Set follow-up reminders to make sure that you keep your sales relationships relevant.

  • Add estimate values, confidence level and closure dates for more accurate forecasting.

  • Create sales divisions and set targets.

  • Track progress at a glance.

  • Learn your best sales techniques to establish better patterns for success.

  • Security access is per representative. cloud based business management


Open a demo portal and operate as an ADMIN user in - work with contacts, leads, vendors, projects, service tickets and more.

Why use SALES?:

  • All of your sales and lead contacts at your finger tips.

  • One click calling*, email open, directions, sms* and social links.

  • Responsive design. cloud based business management
  • Work remotely or in the office.

  • Update records and add interactions from anywhere.

  • Take your work with you and transfer seemlessly between devices. cloud based business management
  • Safari, Chrome and IE compatible^.

  • Access information when you need it.

  • Make your sales interactions personable and meaningful for better success. cloud based business management
  • Create sales divisions and set separate targets.

  • Track progress by maintaining more accurate forecasts.

  • Win more business using cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management

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*mobile only ^Chrome 55, Safari v9, IE10 and above cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management