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Managing service delivery to your customers is vital to maintaining your reputation, retaining the confidence of your customers and working effectively and efficiently. provides a platform whereby you can manage internal or external requests and incidents. Allocate members of staff to a team that is responsible for specific products/services. Then, using your portal, log requests for services and allocate the work to the relevant team. From there, they’ll receive an automated email to make them aware and they can update the ticket with work completed, reassign to other teams where collaboration is required and work to resolve issues and provide services from any device, anywhere. also provides a built in knowledge base facility to help you share information about issues that may have previously been resolved. When an issue resurfaces, perhaps in another work area or even country, a tip is displayed showing what was previously done to resolve it. Sharing information in this way saves time and money. Over time, you’ll be able to build a picture showing which of your service areas are efficient and which areas need work. You’ll also be able to quickly identify bottlenecks and products that may be troublesome or batches that may be faulty. This is powerful stuff. Work smarter. Share information. Identify strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Manage your services using incidents and requests.

  • Manage your response times using customer SLAs.

  • Categorise incidents as Priority 1,2,3 or 4 to establish criticality.

  • Create subtasks within requests to schedule the sequence of work.

  • Assign to teams and individuals to manage responsibilities.

  • Re-assign to other teams to increase collaboration.

  • Receive automated emails for incidents to keep your workforce informed.

  • Mobile workers can issue updates on any device from any location.

  • Automatically update your custom knowledge base with fixes and tips.

  • Ensure business continuity by sharing information.

  • Set security access for teams separately. cloud based business management


Open a demo portal and operate as an ADMIN user in - work with contacts, leads, vendors, projects, service tickets and more.


  • Customer contacts at your finger tips.

  • One click calling* and email open.

  • Responsive design. cloud based business management
  • Work remotely or in the office.

  • Update incidents and requests from anywhere.

  • Take your work with you and transfer seemlessly between devices. cloud based business management
  • Safari, Chrome and IE compatible^.

  • Access information when you need it.

  • Move work between teams for quicker resolution. cloud based business management
  • Work with freedom.

  • Work efficiently and with resilience.

  • Provide better services using cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management

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*mobile only ^Chrome 55, Safari v9, IE10 and above cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management