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Staff members spend a significant amount of time completing admin and making submissions which are relevant to their roles. These actions are 100% required, but why not try to make them as easy and as quick to manage as possible. provides a platform whereby staff can submit their weekly timecards by completing short and simple forms on any device from anywhere. These submissions will automatically appear in the approvers list for quick “one click” actions.

You can choose from weekly or hourly submissions. Each line item can be categorised and could be used to make reference to projects, requests or incidents to help you to understand how your staff are spending their time.

Contractor or agency staff can be limited to only this functionality within to submit timesheets for payment.

Make administration simple, yet professional. Understand your staff activities. Free up valuable time with cloud based business management


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.TIMESHEETS features:

  • Manage and apporove how your staff are spending their time.

  • Simple and quick submissions.

  • Submit from any device from any location.

  • Progress timesheets through to payroll for contractor or agency staff.

  • Establish which projects, incidents or requests are utilising most of your time.

  • Maximise identifiable charge-backs to client projects.

  • Allow for quick and simple absence requests.

  • Configure submissions for daily or hourly submissions.

  • Nominate approvers for specific security access. cloud based business management


Open a demo portal and operate as an ADMIN user in - work with contacts, leads, vendors, projects, service tickets and more.


  • Your timesheet and absence approvals at your finger tips.

  • Quick and easy submission.

  • Responsive design. cloud based business management
  • Work remotely or in the office.

  • Update records or approve/deny from anywhere.

  • Take your work with you and transfer seemlessly between devices. cloud based business management
  • Safari, Chrome and IE compatible^.

  • Access information when you need it.

  • Keep approvals quick and simple to keep staff informed. cloud based business management
  • Understand and manage how your staff spend their time.

  • Work efficiently and with resilience.

  • Do quicker admin using cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management

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*mobile only ^Chrome 55, Safari v9, IE10 and above cloud based business management cloud based business management cloud based business management